On Patrol- December 14, 2014

I had more news but then WordPress or my computer screwed up and lost most of it. I know I shouldn’t care since this is more of a writing exercise but damn did that hurt. Regardless here is the one big bit of news in a slow week. Y’know in the nerd world not in the real depressing world.

Spider-Man to the MCU?
The recent Sony leaks have exposed a grip. From the casual harassment to the fact that even the professionals think Will Smith’s kids are crazy. The biggest news, at least nerd wise, was that the rumors were true; Marvel and Sony were negotiating to get Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Things looked like they were a go until Sony got pissy about creative control. Which is insane since they’re the ones that screwed up the character in the first place. The big bit of contention is that Sony wants it to be Andrew Garfield while Marvel wants to go full clean slate. Which is a shame because he’s one of the few things I worked about the Amazing series of flicks. Still I get why you want to just start all over again.

Not all is lost though. According to Latino-Review, who are pretty accurate with this, say that not is all lost. Essentially the heads at Sony Japan are pissed about this and think they should go through with the deal. Which makes sense when you consider the fact that Marvel has things on lock right now. Hopefully they get things settled because a crossover would be this nerd’s dream.
Source- Nerdist


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