On Patrol- November 30, 2014

After constant false starts and rumors on Friday we got the teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and boy did it deliver. I could go over it scene by scene but we there are already sites more professional than mine doing that so I’ll just talk about the highlights to me.
– After a dope intro we see our first and it’s… John Boyega! Most known for playing Moses in Attack the Block (SEE IT!) I think that it’s awesome that he’s the first person we’ve seen in the new trilogy. Even cooler is him in a Storm Trooper uniform. Ignoring that this means we won’t get a bunch poorly CG’d Boba Fett clones this just leaves a lot of questions that I can’t help but think will lead to some cool answers.
– Speak of Storm Troopers we get a look at their new uniforms in action and they look absolutely badass.
– We get X-Wings on the surface of a planet (a lake in particular) and it’s absolutely dope. It’s something I never thought of before but we’ve only seen X-Wings fight in space before, never on a planet. Thank god we get to see it now because it amazing. The only way it could be cooler…

– OH MY GOD THE MILLENNIUM FALCON AND TIE FIGHTERS ON DOG FIGHTING ON THE SURFACE!!! This is about the where in my living room, by myself, I threw my arms up in victory like the nerd that I am.

– The last thing of note and what stuck to me was the one Jedi we see. On a dark, snowy planet he stumbles out before powering up his lightsaber which has a lightsaber cross guard. It’s minor but it’s such a cool shot.

Admittedly I haven’t done by due diligence when it comes to Star Wars coverage. In all honesty with all of Abrams leaks and hints it would have turned this into a Star Wars blog. Now that I’ve seen teh teaser though, hopefully I definitely think it’ll get a lot more attention in the upcoming year.
Source- io9

Jurassic World Trailer
The one shame about the new Star Wars teaser is that it totally overshadows the awesome trailer for Jurassic World. Taking place over twenty years since the original movie Jurassic Park (now Jurassic World) is a full fledged theme park. Things go awry when a brand new dinosaur is genetically engineered and escapes and only Chris Pratt can stop it (I assume by being and charming). Joking aside the premise is great. Getting to see John Hammond’s dream of a dinosaur theme park is enough to make a compelling movie (or at least a fun Universal Studios attraction). The fact that we get a random new dinosaur is enough to make this a must see summer movie next year.
Source- The Verge

Constantine Season Ending at 13 Episodes
In some disheartening news Constantine will only run for 13 issues this season despite ordering 3 extra scripts. That isn’t to say the show is straight up cancelled. Despite not being a huge ratings success it was on Friday night (a notoriously bad ratings night) and the ratings have picked up as the show has gone on. While it’s a bit distressing here’s hoping the show stays on the air.
Source- io9

Oscar Issac joins X-Men: Apocalypse Cast
Looks like 2015 is going to be a big year for Oscar Isaac. A supporting player in Drive and the star of Inside Llewyn Davis the actor will have a featured role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Not only that but it was revealed earlier this week that the actor will be playing the main villain Apocalypse in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse. Of course when you look at the character above I can’t but help but wonder what he’ll look like. I mean Oscar Isaac painted blue sounds pretty silly. But hey if Bryan Singer could make the Days of Future Past storyline work I’m sure he’ll pull this one off too.

Justice League Dark Still a Go?
In an interview Guillermo del Toro revealed that he turned his script in to Warner Brothers for Justice League Dark. More specifically a movie based off the Justice League Dark comic called Dark Universe. This essentially killing two birds with one stone; Guillermo del Toro directing a superhero movie and finally getting John Constantine onto the big screen. Hopefully this long gestating project finally claws its way out of developmental hell and gets going.
Source- Newsarama


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2 Responses to On Patrol- November 30, 2014

  1. polarbears16 says:

    I wasn’t that excited before the release of the Star Wars trailer, but man, seeing all those things again and hearing the music changed that. I must say, though, I’m 10 times more excited for episode VIII than I am VII because Rian Johnson.

    • I’m more intrigued by Rian Johnson than excited. I’m a fan but he’s more of a noir director than straight up science fiction. I’m definitely intrigued to see what he does with movies in the main trilogy.

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