On Patrol- November 23, 2014

SCREAM (1996)
MTV Going Through with Scream show, Not Actually Scream
Scream seems like an obvious adaption to TV. You have a group of attractive yet cliche teens, post-modern references and a whodunit style mystery. It can be a True Detective (for lack of a better reference) for the tween crowd. Yet there is apparently an insistence to not use the classic Ghostface mask. The mask is like 85% of the reason to get the rights. Otherwise you can name it, I don’t know, Super Mysterious Teen Killer. Given I don’t have too much faith in this project considering it’s MTV (Jersey Shore joke here) but this really does seem like a dumb idea.
Source- EW

Rec 4 getting January Release in US
After two amazing movies and then a divisive third entry (that I dug) we’ll get to finally see the conclusion to the series. Taking place after Rec 2 it will follow Angela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) quarantined on a ship with other infected. I’m down for more demon/zombie/whatevers on a boat. Distributed by Magnet Releasing in Januray for a limited theatrical release as well as VOD. Needless to say I’m pretty hyped.
Source- Fangoria

Jurassic World Teaser Released
The first teaser for Jurassic World came out and it revealed… absolutely nothing. Heck I’m not even sure if this is actually new footage. Despite this it still gets me hyped for 2015. I wish there was more to say but there is to say is that we’ll be getting Star Lord fighting T-Rexes. What more does a movie need?
Source- Dread Central

Parks and Recreation Final Season Deets
Ending last season on a soft reboot Parks and Recreation has a lot of questions going into it. While there was a lot of things hinted at the only important bit was revealed, MORE JEAN RALPHIO!!!! As far as I’m concerned that guarantees a good final season.
Source- TV Line


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