On Patrol- October 5, 2014

Netflix Gets Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel
In the biggest news of the week, y’know besides real world stuff, Netflix has required the exclusive rights to the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny. In all honesty I’m still not sure how I feel about the movie itself. While it won’t be directed by Ang Lee it will be directed by director/fight choreographer Yuen Woo-ping (Iron Monkey, True Legend). His movies are fun but I can’t say any of them had the feel of the original Crouching Tiger. He does more straight action movie as opposed to the drama the first was. Michelle Yeoh will be returning with the always fun Donnie Yen as the other lead. On the other hand Harry Schum (Glee) and Jason Scott Lee (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story) are also in the movie which absolutely baffles me. I mean… what??? While I will no doubt watch the movie I doubt it will be as good as the original.

Of course that isn’t the big news. No the big news is that Netflix is finally dipping it’s toe in the film distribution game. Considering the stranglehold Netflix has on the digital distribution market it only seemed like a matter of time. It’ll be interesting to see which studios will jump on board with this and, more importantly, who will go with their own thing. Definitely something to keep an eye out for.
Source- Huffington Post

Zombieland is Still a Thing, Getting Sequel
Looks like Sony is finally getting serious about this. 2009’s Zombieland was a surprise hit with it’s quick wit and, more importantly, big box office despite a fairly small budget. Naturally the studio wanted a sequel. What we got instead was an Amazon pilot with all the leads recast. Needless to say it didn’t work out. This week it was announced that Sony hired Dave Callaham to pen the script. That’s right the genius behind Doom and The Expendables will bring his signature…. magic? Yeah I can’t say I’m necessarily hyped for this but you never know. Maybe they can pull in Dan Aykroyd for a cameo.
Source- We Got This Covered

Yvette Nicole Brown Leaves Community
In some sadder news Yvette Nicole Brown, Shirley, won’t be returning for Season 6 of Community. She asked for a release of her contract due to personal reasons and Sony Pictures TV and the producers honored her request. She’ll need time off to take care of her ailing father and needed more time to take care of him. She has mentioned that she is open to guest appearances and of all the characters hers is probably the easiest to write off. Still it’s always a bummer to see one of the Greendale family go.
Source- TV Guide

New Wu Tang Clan Album Gets Release Date
New Wu Tang? Yes please! I have no insight nor anything to say other than we are getting a new Wu Tang album in December (Black Friday for the special edition with a speaker) and I am absolutely hyped.
Source- XXL


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