On Patrol- September 28, 2014

It’s that time of year again. That magical time where new shows debut and the will either fly or flounder. A time where legendary shows begin or they become the new Cavemen. It’s a fun time I hope to look at over the next couple of weeks. Now obviously I don’t watch every show; hell I’ll admit my palate can be pretty limited at times. Still I figured I would throw in my two cents on some of the new and returning shows this season. That and there was little to no news worth talking about this week.

After a lot of hype and anticipation Gotham finally arrived Monday night. And…. it was alright. They did I feared they would do by introducing a bunch of comic characters who really didn’t need to be introduced. I was fine with Penguin and Catwoman COULD work out in the future but why Ivy? I can’t think of a single way she was a benefit in the episode or the season as a whole. I also found the introduction of Montoya and Allen a bit disappointing. Montoya can be such a cool character with her lesbianism something that made her complex and stand out. Here she was a generic detective who had one of the most stilted conversations on TV in quite some time. That isn’t to say it was all bad. Most importantly I think Ben McKenzie and Donald Logue are great in their lead/co-lead roles. While a bit cliche at times they play the roles well and have good chemistry with one another. I also dug Jada Pinkett Smith as mob boss Fish Mooney. No doubt she’s overacting and eating bit of scenery in her sight. While this could ruin another show in the super-serious world of Gotham it’s a breathe of fresh air. I also thought the visual style they chose for the show worked as well reminding me of Batman: The Animated Series in the best ways possible. Overall I’d say this was a decent pilot. While the episode was overstuffed with useless information there is quite a bit of promise. If they slow down and focus on the good I can see the series lasting quite a while.
Rating- C+

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Despite a rough beginning by the end of season 1 Agents of SHIELD ended up a fun little series. Getting past the “monster of the week” gimmick I felt the show focused more on longer storylines much to the show’s benefit. Happy to say that the show seems to be on the right path. While new characters are relegated to the background I do like the direction they’ll be going with the returning cast. Coulson as the more private, less encouraging leader of SHIELD is something we haven’t seen from him. Skye’s new CO being May can make for some interesting character interactions. But most fascinating to me is what’s going on with Fitz. Of all of the subplots I am most interested in seeing where his goes. I do wish we got something new when it comes to the villains. Absorbing Man makes for a cool enforcer but I was a bit disappointed they’re going back to the HYDRA well again. Regardless with a good premiere and what we already know about the season I’m very excited to see what happens.
Rating- B-

Z Nation
Admittedly this debuted a couple of weeks ago but considering it’s relatively new I figured what the hell. Mainly to say that right it’s probably one of the more enjoyable horror/sci-fi shows right now. Keep in mind that isn’t to say it’s good. As expected the acting is Syfy Channel level and the story is fairly generic. When compared to new comer The Strain or The Walking Dead it’s a heck of a lot more fun. Throwing all pretense out the window the first three episodes have had more action than The Strain so far and Walking Dead’s second season combined. Surprisingly despite being produced by The Asylum (Sharknado, Sharktopus, a variety of other Shark related moveis) the effects are surprisingly good. There is some very obvious CGI but the above average practical effects are a nice treat. The show isn’t Shakespeare but it isn’t meant to be. As a cheesy, weekly zombie show it does works out way better than it has any right to.

Also the first episode had a zombie baby. Until Walking Dead does that Z Nation has the advantage.
Rating- B-


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