On Patrol- September 21, 2014

Deadpool Movie… For Reals This Time
After years of delays and bitching about the first Wolverine movie it looks like the Deadpool movie will finally be made. Directed by first timer Tim Miller (who did the leaked Deadpool footage) it has a release date of February 12th, 2016. This leaves two big things up in the air. First and most importantly is whether or not Ryan Reynolds will be playing the Merc with a Mouth. Green Lantern jokes aside Reynolds has been a big supporter of the project and the one highlight of X-Men: Origins he isn’t actually signed onto the project. He seems absolutely perfect for the role and I really hope they let him star in the movie. The other thing people have been questioning is whether the movie will be R or PG-13. While I can see the advantages of an R rating I just hope the movie is good. The character has a lot of potential to be something new and completely different from every other superhero movie out there and I hope those expectations can be met. If Fox completely avoid David S. Goyer and we’ll be off to a good start.
Source- We Got This Covered

I Know What You Did Last Summer Remake Because… Profits?
Well this was something I didn’t expect to see. Now to be fair they’re going to remake a bad movie so it’s not like they’re cashing in on some classic ala Nightmare on Elm Street. Still with 90’s nostalgia at an all time high this does just feel like they looked at the 1998 horror movies and picked this randomly. I’m also a bit confused by the choice of Mike Flanagan as the director. While I think he’s very creative and talented he’s generally done supernatural movies. Why pick him over someone like Adam Green or Joe Lynch who have experience in the slasher genre? Seems a bit backwards to me. It may be a bit early but I’m pretty tentative about this movie right now.
Source- Bloody Disgusting

I Saw The Devil Remake in the Works
On the surface this would seem like the ideal remake. I Saw The Devil is a violent yet beautifully shot Korean thriller. It’s a grim, violent movie that stands above a lot of similar movies by how amazingly shot it is. Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett have proven themselves to be not only a great duo but a team that clearly get horror. I have faith in the team delivering a good remake of the movie. What I can’t get past is that I can’t think of anybody that could replace Choi Min-Sik. He brought a sense of menace and pure evil that has yet to be matched. I’m sure there’s some unknown out there but being able to compete with Choi Min-Sik will be hard to do. But from the creative side of things I can’t think of a better team to tackle I Saw The Devil than Wingard and Barrett.
Source- The Wrap


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