On Patrol- September 14, 2014

No Plans for Iron Man 4?
At least for the time being. While doing the media rounds for The Judge he said that there were no plans for an Iron Man 4. While it may seem like a bad move I can oddly understand it. No doubt the movie would be a success and make absolute bank. From a business perspective it just makes sense. Marvel, on the other hand, seems to be in a universe building phase though and wants to add as many characters as they can with Ant-Man, Dr. Strange and whoever else to help expand the world they’re creating. With the success of Guardians of the Galaxy and the potential revenue this could create this makes much more sense.

At least we’ll get more Iron Man in Avengers 2 next year.
Source- Variety

Bill Murray’s Ghostbusters 3 Cast
So this bit of non-news made the rounds so I figured I would comment on a slow week. Early this past week Bill Murray said that if he were to cast Ghostbusters 3 the new Ghostbusters would be Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Emma Stone and Linda Cardellini. In theory this would be great. Not only are all these women funny but they each have their own niche in comedy. As far as I’m concerned in a perfect world this would be the cast.

Unfortunately this isn’t a perfect world and the reality is that there more than likely won’t be a Ghostbusters 3. At this point the whole thing feels like it’d be a downer more than anything else. Director Ivan Reitman won’t be directing and Harris Ramis (Egon, writer of the film) passed away last year so that magic is gone. Bill Murray, despite some teases, seems to have no real interest in the movie. The only people that seem to want the movie are Dan Aykroyd and we all saw how well going back to an old franchise worked for him (see Blues Brothers 2000). Besides giving Ernie Hudson a gig (which he barely had in either Ghostbusters films I might add) there really doesn’t seem to be a good reason to do the movie besides making a quick buck.
Source- Yahoo

Andrew Garfield Blames Studio for ASM2 Sucking
Well… I doubt he’s wrong. I mean no doubt there was probably some studio meddling that effected the movie and how it turned out. This especially seems true with Fox announcing a Spider-Man 3 and Sinister Six before this movie even came out. On the other hand it’s not like the flow was what was wrong with the movie. The generally stupid and overly bloated story (at 2 and a half hours no less) wouldn’t have been been any better if Marc Webb did whatever he wanted with the movie. Would a few more minutes of Peter’s dad doing stuff really make the movie any better? At least Garfield can feel fine knowing that of all the things in the movie his chemistry with Emma Stone was far and away the best part of the movie.
Source- io9

Chris Pratt, Sarah Silverman To Host SNL
Looks like Saturday Night Live will be swinging for the fences the first two weeks in the 40th (?!) season. Now Chris Pratt is an obvious and perfect pick for the season premiere. Between Guardians of the Galaxy, Parks and Rec returning and America’s general crush on the guy right now Pratt hosting the premiere seems like a no brainer. I’m far more interested in seeing Sarah Silverman hosting the week after. No stranger to SNL (being a featured cast member in the 90’s) and a great stand up she seems like an obvious choice. That said her comedy really doesn’t fit the talk show/celebrity skits the show generally sticks with today. All I can hope is that she gets the Louis CK/Galifinakis style freedom where the comedy is more out there than it normally is.
Source- Splitsider

michael che
Yet Another Weekend Update Shake Up
After a tumultuous post-Meyers half-season behind the news desk the team of Jost and Strong is no more. In a surprise twist, at least to me, Cecily Strong will go back to being a regular cast member in skits. While I wasn’t a fan of the two last season I don’t think I’m the only one to think that Colin Jost was the weaker of the two. He did this faux-smarmy, knock off Chevy Chase thing that just didn’t work for me. Replacing Strong will be stand up and former SNL writer stand up comedian Michael Che. While I can’t say I have seen too much of his stand up he has been a correspondent on The Daily Show for the past year or so and has been pretty funny. Hopefully Che and Jost can liven up the Weekend Update spot again.
Source- Splitsider


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