Douchebag Batman on Patrol- August 31, 2014

Full House Revival
In the biggest news of the week John Stamos and the creators of Full House are pushing Warner Brothers TV to reboot the series. Now there have been rumors about this for years but with 90’s nostalgia being at an all time high (I blame Fallon) and the success of shows like Girl Meets World it seems closer than ever. Now I know this has a lot of 80s/90s kids hyped but I have to be honest, this sounds awful. Here’s my reasoning.

Lets say they do it with the same tone as the original. Have you seen it lately? It’s pretty aggrivating. The family is insanely self-absorbed and everybody bows to Michelle’s whims. It’s like what foreign countries thought the United States was like in the 80’s and why they hated it. If they try to go the whole self-referencial route and do it ironically it’ll just feel forced. Not to mention the fact that any jokes you can make about the show have already been made; more than likely by Bob Saget. Either way it sounds like awful TV.

Yeah, I’ll probably still watch it. At least the first episode before dropping it completely.
Source- Variety

Rob Zombie Wants to do Devils Rejects 2
In what is quickly a regular feature called “Rob Zombie Has A Bad Idea” the rocker/directors talked about wanting to do another Devils Rejects movie. Now to be fair of all of his movies I enjoyed Devil’s Rejects the best. While it has all the tropes of Zombie’s other movies (ie swearing= edgy dialogue, evil rednecks) it wasn’t watered down like it would become over the years. But what I want to know is why now? It’s been nearly a decade (more than by the time it comes out) after a pretty definitive ending. More importantly what more could you do with the Firefly Family? Swear more? The only other option is prequel which sounds even less appealing.

I just assume Sherri Moon wants another chance to act poorly.
Source- Dread Central

No Jokes in DC Movies
Rumor has it that there is a mandate at DC (refuted by some) that says there shouldn’t be any jokes in their movies. While I don’t think this is a hard and fast rule there’s no denying that they aim to be the serious comic movies. An obvious decision considering the success of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and the utter failure of Green Lantern. What they fail to realize is that Ryan Reynolds cracking jokes isn’t what went wrong with that movie. It was hiring a Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Casino Royale) to direct an intergalactic adventure written by a writer on Dawson’s Creek. Jonah Hex bombed due to a poor marketing campaign directed by the guy behind Free Birds. Marvel has proven time and again that comedic moments don’t mean a thing. What DC needs to do to be successful is getting good directors and writers on their projects not try and be Nolan lite. This is hardly groundbreaking information but I guess they need to be informed.
Source- Slash Film

Hawkeye in Captain America 3?
As one of my favorite and underused characters in Avengers this rumor has me quite excited. The Russo Brothers proved with Winter Soldier that they get the universe, particularly side characters like Black Widow and Falcon. If there’s anybody I trust to do the character right it’s them. More importantly it opens the door to my dream of a Hawkeye/Black Widow Budapest movie. One can hope, right?
Source- io9

#Donald4Spiderman, FINALLY!
Oh 2010, a simpler time. When Twitter was used for good causes like getting Donald Glover (aka Troy Barnes aka Childish Gambino) the role of Peter Parker in the then-upcoming Amazing Spider-Man. Obviously that didn’t work out and instead we have Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2. Now it may be four years later but it looks like the powers that be were listening and are about to make dreams come true, kinda. On Disney X-D’s Ultimate Spider-Man they will be introducing Miles Morales, the second Spider-Man in the Ultimate comic universe. If nothing else this is proof that dreams do come true.
Source- Nerdist


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