Douchebag Batman on Patrol- August 24, 2014

SNL’s Don Pardo Passes Away
In the biggest news of the week SNL’s announcer Don Pardo passed away at the age of 96. Working at NBC for over 70 years he was the announcer for everything from The Price is Right to Jeapordy! to the NBC Nightly News. Still what he’s best known for is being the announcer for Saturday Night Live. Starting at the show’s inception in 1975 he announced all but one season (1981-1982 to be exact). For fans of comedy he was an institution on one of the most important shows. Survived by his five children there’s no denying that Don Pardo’s life was an absolute success.
Source- USA Today

Adrianne Palicki To Play Mockingbird
In casting news Adrianne Palicki will be appearing in the upcoming season of Ageents of SHIELD as Mockingbird. At first I thought this was weird casting but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Not only does she look the part but she has some serious nerd cred. Appearing in GI Joe: Retaliation, Supernatural and the ill-fated Wonder Woman pilot she has become a reliable staple of nerdy franchises.
Source- io9

Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright Working Together Again
After the Ant-Man debacle it’s nice to get some good news. Simon Pegg revealed that he and Edgar Wright are working on another movie. To me the Cornetto Trilogy is one of the best unofficial trilogies around so to hear they are working together again is an absolute treat. Given we don’t have any information or even a title the fact that doesn’t change my excitement for the two working together again.
Source- Digital Spy

Sin City 2 Bombs… Hard
In a surprise Sin City: A Dame to Kill For absolutely bombed at the box office. Well I wouldn’t say surprise because, in all honesty, I could see it coming. Despite the first being a hit at the box office and with critics it has been 10 years since the original came out. Despite some anticipation after the first was released the decade gap between movies is bigger than huge franchises let alone a cult classic. Another factor, at least to me, is the evolution of comic book movies period. Movies like The Dark Knight have conditioned people to expect more from the plot and being a knock off noir movie just won’t cut it anymore. Last is the fact that the movie just doesn’t seem to have evolved visually. We have had massive space battles, New York being invaded and Gotham City being taken over by Bane. Sin City had… green screen? As minor as that sounds it looks minor league in comparison.

To add insult to injury Guardians of the Galaxy took the number one spot after a couple of weeks in second place. Ouch.
Source- Variety


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