Douchebag Batman on Patrol- August 17, 2014

Coolest Game Ever Announced
Hideo Kojima is a mad genius. Guillermo del Toro is just plain genius. Put them together and you have the potential to make the greatest horror game of all time. That’s a bit hyperbolic but with the two working on a Silent Hill game I wouldn’t be suprised. They’re already off to a good start with the announcement being the release of a mysterious PS4 demo. Needless to say my interest in getting a next gen system has picked up.
Source- Kotaku

Inhumans to be Next Marvel Franchise?
With the success of Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel is looking at more untraditional superheroes in the Inhumans. Similar to the X-Men the Inhumans are a group of humans given powers by the Kree (mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy) that are shunned by society. Now I can’t say I’m some kind of huge fan of the Inhumans. But to know that Marvel is still willing to go outside the box is encouraging.
Source- IGN

Two Aquaman scripts in Development Because Productivity
In a move I get but think is dumb DC has two people working on an Aquaman script. I mean having two scripts, in theory, means they’ll get a script faster. I guess. What gets me is who they hired to write the script. Writing one script is Kurt Johnstad who has written the 300 movies and Act of Valor. Yeah, that one movie where they hired Navy Seals to try and act. Will Beall is the other writer who wrote Gangster Squad and some episodes of Castle. For all I know the scripts could be great. It could be the new best action movie but as of now I can’t say I’m super hyped with these writers.
Source- Newsarama

Sinister 2 Plot and Cast Revealed
It looks like the only returning cast member will be the sheriff’s deputy from the first movie. In other news I can’t remember this character for the life of me. Anywho also cast was Shannyn Sossamon (The Day, A Knight’s Tale) and Ciaran Foy (Citadel) will be be taking over in the director’s chair. I’m particularly interested in seeing how this goes with Citadel behind the camera. Relatively new Citadel was this slow burning, psychological horror movie. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles a more straight forward horror flick.

And apparently the villain of Sinister was named Mr. Boogie. That’s… kind of wack.
Source- Bloody Disgusting

Amazing Photo Found
You remember when Ed takes a picture instead of helping Shaun in Shaun of the Dead? The picture has finally been developed by some saint of a person. Awesome.
Source- Dread Central


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