Douchebag Batman On Patrol- August 10, 2014

The Green Inferno Release In Flux
Well this is a bummer. After a fun trailer before The Purge: Anarchy it’s a bummer to learn that The Green Inferno won’t be coming out in early September as planned. Basically there was a major shake up with the movie’s financier Worldview Entertainment involving ex-CEO and producer Christopher Woodrow. On the plus side Worldview doesn’t intend to leave the film on the shelf ala The Poughkeepsie Tapes. They seem to want to figure this out financially so, at worst, we could be seeing a VOD release instead of a theater release.

Admittedly I’m not huge on the whole cannibal genre. But between Eli Roth (who’s directing I generally dig) directing for the first time in forever, the positive buzz and sheer oddity of a cannibal movie getting a mainstream release it’s too crazy to scoff at.
Source- We Got This Covered

Kickboxer Reboot casts Scott Adkins and Tony Jaa
In bigger I totally didn’t realize a Kickboxer remake was a thing. I mean how can you top the Van Damme dance or Kickboxer 3: The Art of War? Regardless this already looked pretty stacked movie. Starring stuntman and relative newcomer Alain Moussi (X-Men: Days of Future Past) his co-stars include former UFC champion Georges St. Pierre (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and former WWE champion Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy). Scott Adkins (The Expendables 2, Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning) and Tony Jaa (Ong Bak, The Protector) are great additions. With J. J. Perry (Haywire, Django Unchained) as the action director and you have the potential for a fun movie.
Source- Variety

New Texas Chainsaw in Devleopment, Sounds Awful
Because when I think of what I want out of the Texas Chainsaw franchise it’s Leatherface getting acne and taking his best gal to the prom. Joking aside while I’m not huge on the franchise (First two are fun, remake was average, everything else not so much) I can’t imagine this is what audiences want to see. Add the general disappointment of the last movie and you have a franchise that’s more than dead in the water. I can’t possibly imagine how this will work out well. Given this is all “SAYS AN ANONYMOUS SOURCE” type stuff so take it with a grain of salt. But if this is true and the current idea it could be insanely bad. Rob Zombie’s Halloween bad.
Source- Bloody Disgusting

Zack Snyder Defends Aquaman
I’m a Zack Snyder fan. His brilliantly stupid action movies bring me joy. What brings me even more joy is him defending Aquaman. Aquaman is the badass nobody realizes they would love. He’s a king, can hurt Superman and can control sea life. You can mock controlling sea life all you want but someone being able to control sharks is amazing and horrifying. The fact that he did it to random morning zoo DJs is even better.
Source- io9

Stallone wants Sigourney Weaver for Expendabelles
In the last bit of news Stallone mentioned that he wanted Sigourney Weaver to star in the Expendables’ female spin-off The ExpendaBelles. Awful title aside this is actually some great casting. As Ellen Ripley she is one of the most iconic female action stars the United States has ever had. Not to mention that she has proven to still be a pretty great ass kicker today. Given how misguided the film seems to be I’m not sure if it’ll be good. But if they got Sigourney Weaver on board it would certainly be put on the right track.
Source- Hollywood Reporter


And that’s it for this week’s On Patrol. More importantly it’s the start of Expendables Week! A special event where I’ll write a lot about action movies. Well more than I already do. So check daily because I should have something new every day this week!


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4 Responses to Douchebag Batman On Patrol- August 10, 2014

  1. Justine B. says:

    Poor Eli Roth, I like him as a director as well and I love gross horror. I do wish people would stop making Texas Chainsaw remakes though. Tony Jaa and Scott Adkins in a Kickboxer remake? Totally dig that idea. Didn’t know “Expendabelles” was a thing, although it sounds like it could be fun!

    • There are two versions of Expendabelles. One being developed by Avi Lerner with Gina Carano, Katee Sackhoff and Sharni Vinison. More than likely this won’t be given the name. The other is from the director of Legally Blonde.

      I wish I were joking about the second one. I love the concept because there have been some great female action stars that don’t get the credit they deserve.

      • Justine B. says:

        Legally Blonde? Oh geez…I do like the concept as well, would love to see a bunch of kick ass females in one movie for a change. It’s too bad The Expendables wasn’t more mixed gender wise.

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