Douchebag Batman on Patrol- July 26, 2014

Well apparently San Diego Comic Con started Thursday. I feel old for not realizing this. I mention this because there’s no doubt a ton of news will be coming out and I have no doubt I’ll miss some of it. That said there will be an On Patrol midweek covering some of the Comic Con news. Until then lets see what happened the rest of the week.

Simpsons Marathon? That’s Unpossible!
I knew it was going to happen before because it was said when FXX was launched. Now we learned that it will start on August 21st and go through to September 1st. But to see the first commercial and know that there will be 12 days of nothing but classics Simpsons is mind blowing. Also announced in the new commercial is that all of the episodes will be appearing on the FX app. I had no intention of downloading it but knowing that I can watch the moment Ralph Wiggum’s heart break in slow motion has me going to Google Play asap.
Source- AV Club

The Poughkeepsie Tapes on DirectTV
Despite reviews coming out and a 2007 release date The Poughkeepsie Tapes has been nonexistent when it cames to the public at large. While there are torrents and bootlegs out there it’s interesting to see an official release. Will it be released on video? Will it gain any popularity from this? I have no idea. While it was made in 2007 horror has stepped away from the whole torture porn thing and replaced it with more supernatural stories (Oculus, Insidious, Conjuring). Still to see it finally get a release after all these years is kind of cool. Between this and All The Boys Love Mandy Lane I am eagerly awaiting After Dark to put out Re-Kill.
Source- Dread Central

*catches breathe*
Ahem. JJ Abrams has released another image from the set of Episode 7. Like the great cast he’s putting together (MOSES FROM ATTACK THE BLOCK!) and the use of practical effects for the aliens this just further solidifies my faith in Abrams taking over the Star Wars franchise.
Source- We Got This Covered

Tremors Reboot
After years of rumors it looks like Universal will finally be rebooting the Tremors series. With Don Michael Paul (Who’s Your Caddy. No really he directed that) in the director’s chair it looks like it will be a direct to DVD reboot ala Curse of Chucky. Which I would be fine with except for one thing, Tremors was already a direct to video series at that point and a surprisingly good one at that. Why not continue with that? Still I’m happy with anytime I get to see some Graboids.
Source- Dread Central

Robert Downey Jr. to Keep Playing Iron Man?
After the complete bumblef**k that was the Ant-Man production I’m glad to hear some good news. While it seemed to be in doubt for awhile it Robert Downey Jr seems more willing to keep playing Tony Stark. Now I’m sure he’ll want a dump truck of money driven up to his home but the fact that he’s open to do more Iron Man movies is great news.
Source- io9

Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Poster Revealed
I don’t care for the Lord of the Rings. The whole wizards and dragons thing just isn’t for me. But having seen the recent Hobbit movies with the Mrs. this past year I can’t help but be a bit hyped for this. Mainly because it’s a giant ass dragon doing what giant ass dragons do. You actually got me hyped Peter Jackson, well played.
Source- io9

Burton’s Crappy Superman Lives To Get Documentary
Finally something good comes fro Kickstarter! But really I absolutely love the story of Superman Lives. From Kevin Smith’s involvement to Nic Cage being cast. It was an absolute disaster ruined by studio involvement. To get the full story and see early footage is an absolute dream come true.
Source- io9


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