Douchebag Batman on Patrol- July 20, 2014

SNL Cleans House
And by cleans house I mean dropped some lower level cast members. While I enjoy the main cast there were a ridiculous amount of featured players this season and there was no question that some would be let go over the summer. The first cut to be announced was Brooks Wheelan. To me this is probably the most disappointing but most obvious release. While he was pretty funny doing stand up bits on Weekend Update he did very little else of note. I think he could have worked a bit more with Update but at the end of the day he was a stand up comedian on an improv show and it didn’t work out. The next day it was announced that Noel Wells and John Milhisner were released as well. I wish I had more to say about them but they left little to no memory. Noel did some good impressions but she was seemingly pushed to the back and I literally have no clue what Milhisner looks like. I think he looked like a less douchey Colin Jost but I could be wrong. The only long term cast member to be let go was Nasim Pedrad but this was rumored for quite awhile considering her commitment to work on Fox’s Mulaney.

It’d be easy to call this the death of all their careers but in actuality it’s far from it. When it comes to total cast members at least a third only lasted a single season. A group of people that includes Ben Stiller, Jenny Slate, Sarah Silverman and Robert Downey Jr. Regardless I hope they do well and this transitional season stabilizes a bit more this upcoming year. If for no other reason than I dig Brook Wheelan’s stand up.

Source- Splitsider

New Thor/Avengers Now! Team
First a female Thor was announced and the mens rights folks lost their shit. Because y’know Thor’s a man. Then Joe Quesada announced Sam “Falcon” Wilson taking over as Captain America on The Colbert Report. Once again people lost their collective shit before it was announced that there would be a brand new Avengers team. In all honesty I didn’t think too much of this. Maybe I’m too much of a cynic but I know anything big will be undone when the new movie comes out so why be bothered by it? Still to see people take this super seriously was kind of hilarious.

Source- CBC, Newserama

Ultron in Avengers 2 Revealed
Speaking of the Avengers Ultron was revealed and it looks pretty good. Given this is against some awkwardly photoshopped images of Cap and Iron Man but it still looks like comic Ultron without having a slavish dedication to the comics. Honestly not much more to say.
Source- Newserama

The Ring 3, Apparently a Thing
After nearly a decade dormant someone got the idea to revive The Ring franchise. Nobody having VCRs jokes aside I honestly don’t know what you do with the franchise. Between the two American releases and the recent Sadako movies the well seems pretty tapped. On the plus side I do admire Paramount for going with a relative unknown like F. Javier Gutiérrez. It may just be because he will do the movie for cheap but giving it to someone without much film maker cred is an interesting way to go. While I can’t say that this makes me excited for the movie it does add an interesting element to the movie. Definitely worth keeping up on.

Source- We Got This Covered


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