Douchebag Batman on Patrol- July 13, 2014

It’s time, once again, to look at the biggest news of the week. Join me as I talk about things I care about.

BJ Penn Retires
I try not to cover MMA on the patrol but to me this was too big to ignore. With 13 years in the sport, 16 wins and holding titles in two different weight classes he retires after a loss to Frankie Edgar. While I can’t say he’s my favorite fighter he is a big reason I got into MMA. While I rarely watched the Ultimate Fighter seasons before the season he did against Jens Pulver just pulled me in. Since then I’ve fallen in love with the sport. He’s definitely going to be missed.
Source- F4W Online

Emmy Nominations Announced
Award season officially begins and it’s time for all of us to take things more seriously than we probably should. Keep in mind I will too if Big Bang Theory wins something. Still there are some interesting developments this year, particularly in the comedy section.

– Perennial nominee favorites Parks & Rec, Girls and Brooklyn Nine-Nine weren’t nominated. Instead newcomers Orange is the New Black and Silicon Valley got nods. Interesting to see the Emmy board look outside of the box.

– Ricky Gervais as Derek is nominated for best actor. Never seen the show but I have heard like zero buzz for the show. I could be wrong but I’m just a bit shocked it got nominated in the first place.

– In another surprise nomination Kate McKinnon is nominated for her work on SNL. Part of me feels like it’s filler but as the only consistently funny person on SNL this past year it’s hard to argue this nomination. I don’t think she’ll win but she more than deserves the praise.

– Fred Armisen up for supporting actor on his own show. I… wat?

– Most importantly Louie needs to win best comedy writing for “So Did The Fat Lady.” Seriously the episode is amazing and deserves to win.
Source- Variety

V/H/S: Viral Coming Out October 23rd
Effin’ Squee. I know they’ve gone away from the VHS conceit but I really love this series. I remember hearing I would have to wait until next year so to see it coming out this year is totally exciting.
Source- Magnet Releasing Facebook

Sequel to Spoils of Babylon Announced
IFC announced a sequel to Spoils of Babylon this week and I am hyped. A parody of 70’s mini-series it was not only funny but proved that Haley Joel Osment is actually really funny. If you haven’t seen it the series is well worth a look. Seeing more of Will Ferrell as Author, Producer, Actor, Writer, Director, Raconteur, Bon Vivant, Legend, and Fabulist Eric Jonrosh is more than enough reason to be excited for this news.
Source- Entertainment Weekly

This is a Batman Cover
I realize this isn’t news but, well, just look at it. I trust Scott Snyder has context for it but this is too insane for me to ignore.
Source- Newsarama


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If you found this blog, I probably know you personally. Basically I'm using this for movie reviews, MMA previews, and the occasional wackiness from out of left field. Shout out to the horror short Welcome to the Party for the hella boss avatar. I'm not very good at selling this, am I? Anyway just check it out. You'll be filled with laughter. From my actual writing or realizing "Wow this guy needs an editor".
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