Douchebag Batman on Patrol- July 6, 2014

Community is coming back For Realz This Time
In this week’s edition of “Douchebag Batman Stalks Community Saga” it looks like we will have a happy ending. This past week it was announced that not only is Yahoo still a thing but they have a streaming video service (say wat?!) and they will be airing a new season of Community. In addition to that when asked about a 7th season a Sony television executive said that it depends on how the movie does. The MOVIE! Media gods, thank you for making all right in the world.

Source- The Verge, Den of Geek

Batman 66 Gets Release Date
After years of litigation between Fox and Warner Brothers things have finally been settled and the 60’s Batman TV show will be hitting Blu Ray and DVD this November. At first I thought “Oh, that sounds cool.” Then I learned that not only would it be on IFC but there was a marathon on July 4th. Oh. My. God. Having not seen the show since I was a little kid this show is amazing. The best episode I caught was, naturally, a Joker episode. Get this, The Joker’s big plan was to frame the college basketball team of cheating by having big test scores in a milk machine and getting their picture “cheating.” Seriously how amazing and insane is that? If this is the special brand of crazy I can expect sign me up.
Source- Topless Robot

Bob Hastings Passes Away
In sadder Bat-news Bob Hastings passed away this past week. In show business since 1949 he’s appeared in some of the biggest TV shows including Green Acres, The Munsters and McHale’s Navy. To me though he’ll always be the voice of Commissioner Gordon on Batman: The Animated Series. One of the best cartoons in history he was a major player and delivered some of the best voice acting I’ve ever heard. Need proof? Watched Over the Edge and thank me later. Still things are definitely a bit darker in Gotham this week.
Source- Comics Alliance

Transformers 4, Tammy Top Box Office
There are tons of good Summer action movies out right now. Especially when it comes to original content. You chose another Transformers flick and Melissa McCarthy doing the same schtick she’s done the past few years. I know this is a spoiler of a possible review but Snowpiercer is out and I guarantee you’ll have a better time watching this than either of these movies.

This is why we can’t have nice things, America.
Source- Variety


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