Douchebag Batman on Patrol- June 22, 2014

Casey Kassem Passes Away at 82
To try to sum up Kassem’s career in a paragraph or two is nigh impossible. Dude did EVERYTHING. From Top 40 countdowns to voice acting some of the most legendary cartoon characters in history he has done it all. What I remember him most for is, of all things, Saved by the Bell. More specifically the episode Rockumentary which is one of the most ridiculous things ever made. It’s all about Zack’s band Zack Attack’s meteoric rise and fall before Zack finds redemption and looks like Justin Bieber in a Vanilla Ice costume. All the while Casey Kassem is narrating their lives.

Still that’s just me. I had read about things in his family being pretty rough the past few years. Hopefully this puts things in perspective for them and everything works out. Dude’s a legend and will be missed.

Lifetime to air The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story
Speaking of Saved by the Bell Lifetime has hit a new low and decided to do a TV movie based off Dustin Diamond’s book Behind the Bell. Of course the book was nothing more than a cash grab by a bitter, desperate has-been but this is the network that gave Lindsay Lohan the Elizabeth Taylor movie. I assume we’ll get tons of the Diamond stand in being “Cool rebel with the massive dong” and everyone was mean because he was just 2 kool 4 skool. Even in 2014 Dustin Diamond has to prove himself as the absolute worst.

I will be hyped to see what the faux-Johnny Dakota looks like though.

Source- Buzzfeed

Lost Tim Burton Short Recovered
Before he was the wet dreams for Hot Topic employees everywhere Tim Burton was worked for the Walt Disney Productions’ animation department. After some storyboard work and a short film he was given a chance by with a short film for the Disney Channel. Airing on Halloween 1983 is is hosted by Vincent Price (naturally) is a weird mix of older Japanese movies and the classic Grimm fairy tale. While it has made appearances at art exhibits dedicated to Burton this is the first time that it has been found in full. It’s on YouTube right now and is totally worth a watch. If for no other reason than to remember that Burton didn’t always make really crappy adaptions of better stories.

Source- Dread Central

Frank Grillo confirmed for The Raid: Redemption Remake
On the one hand Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Purge: Anarchy) comes off as enthusiastic and has the martial arts credentials for a role on the movie. He seems to get that the series has a following and wants to do it justice. All that said it is still a needless remake. Especially when we already had a (kinda sorta) remake in Dredd and it kicked ass. The chances of striking lightning twice are pretty slim.

Source- We Got This Covered

Rian Johnson to Write/Direct Star Wars
To be more specific he’ll be writing and directing Episodes VIII and IX. This is interesting because I was under the assumption that with JJ Abrams writing and directing Episode VII he would be behind the whole trilogy. Maybe trying to kill Harrison Ford had something to do it. I do find the choice intriguing though. While Johnson has dipped his toe into the world of sci-fi with Looper his movies are much closer to film noir. While I love the idea of that kind of movie in the Star Wars universe would it work as one of the main series? With his sensibilities and general “fish out of water” feel I’m curious to see how this goes.

Source- Nerdist

Max Landis Idea for Ghostbusters 3 Rules
Admittedly this is non-news but this has been a fairly slow news week. Earlier this week Nikki Finke said Max Landis would be writing Ghostbusters 3 which he quickly denied on Twitter. After that though he ran down what he would do and holy crap did it sound amazing. I’ve been pretty down on the idea of a Ghostbusters 3. While I love the first movie there really seems no need for a third movie. With Harold Ramis dead and Bill Murray having no interest it really feels like this is Dan Ackroyd trying to find work. That all said Landis’ version seems like a great way to introduce new Ghostbusters while respecting the past. I’d say it’s a shame it won’t be used but I doubt the movie will get off the ground in the first place.

Source- Splitsider


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