News and Notes and Such- June 8, 2014

Something two weeks in a row and on time? Say What? I assume minds are blown out there. Still what started as a bit of a quiet week… well continued to be a bit quiet. Still there’s some big news so lets get to it.

Scott Derrickson to direct Doctor Strange
June really seems to be he month for picking out directors at Marvel Studios. This past week it was announced that Scott Derrickson would be directing Doctor Strange. It’s an interesting choice because he has dealt exclusively in horror. Given Doctor Strange isn’t exactly Iron Man action wise but considering the guy’s pedigree I found it a unique choice. It also makes it sound like it will delve into the horror genre more than any other movie from Marvel Studios.

It also add a some more interest in Derrickson’s upcoming film Deliver Us From Evil. Coming out in July it is about a cop (Eric Bana) dealing with a case that seems to have demonic influence. While a horror movie it definitely looks more grounded than Sinister or The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Well as grounded as a movie about someone demon possessed murdering people can be. With, seemingly, a bit more attention to action it should be interesting to see how this plays out.

Additionally it’s been revealed that some of the top choices for the role are Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy. While I have only seen Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness the casting sounds perfect. He has the air of class I think of when it comes to Dr. Strange. While I love Tom Hardy I see him more in a Union Jack or Captain Britain type of role. This movie is certainly shaping up well.

Sources- FearNet, Nerdist

Star Wars Gets… Everything
Because Disney didn’t want ALL of the focus on Marvel they decided to announce a grip of new information. Probably the biggest news being that the Millennium Falcon will not only appear but not be completely CG. I know it seems like a no brainer but it’s just cool to see bare bone versions of the Falcon being used. Little things like this and last week’s reveal of practical creature effects (which I totally forgot to cover, oops) have gone a long in way convincing me that JJ Abrams gets what fans of the series want from the new trilogy. In casting news Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones were cast although no role has been revealed. Considering Lupita Nyong’o has been rumored for a long time now and I’m the only one that hasn’t seen Game of Thrones I can’t say much about this. Although if Lupita makes white people feel awful ala 12 Years a Slave I’ll cackle because I’m childish like that.

Last but not least Josh Trank (Chronicle, 2015’s Fantastic Four) will be directing one of the first stand alone Star Wars movies. Not really sure what to think of this. Chronicle relied more on the writing than the directing and Chronicle is the only major credit to his name. I assume he’ll cast Wallace from The Wire and kill him off since that seems to be his thing. #RIPWallace.
Source- TMZ

Peyton Reed to direct Ant-Man
In a follow-up to last week this past weekend it has been confirmed that Peyton Reed will be the director for Ant-Man. Sweet Moses does that sound bad. Don’t get me wrong I realize that it would be meant to be more comedic than most of the Marvel movies but at the end of the day this is a Marvel movie. Is it really the best idea to give it to the director of Yes Man? Have to say considering the list of directors we saw last week this seems pretty underwhelming.

Source- IndieWire

Robert Pattinson as new Indiana Jones
In the latest in “get nerds angry” casting choices rumors have it that Robert Pattinson is a top contender to replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Given this obvious bull comes from the UK’s Daily Star which has less Hollywood street cred than me but it’s been a slow week. That and I want to say I’d be okay with this. Sure the Twilight series was bad but it’s not like he sucked amongst great performances. Kristen Stewart wasn’t the next Greta Garbo or whatever. It was a poor franchise with poor writing that hurt all of the stars’ chances beyond the franchise. Also from what I’ve read he’s been good in Cosmopolis and the upcoming film The Rover. He isn’t my first pick (that’s Jon Hamm), heck he isn’t my top 10, but I wouldn’t hate this. At this point it’d probably be less depressing than the 70+ year old Harrison Ford doing it.

Source- Moviefone

Kendall and Kylie Jenner “Write” Sci-Fi Book
I discovered this was a thing and am befuddled. Why are the lesser Kardashians (Less than the one with 30 kids and the other one) getting a book? Will it actually sell? Is it as poorly written, despite being ghostwritten, as I expect it to be? I wish I had some good jokes but I’m just speechless over the whole thing. Astounded that this is the thing that actually exists.

Source- Gawker


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