Top 5 Shows Missing on Netflix Instant

This will make me sound old as all hell but I hate that DVD is dying. While most people don’t care I love having special features and trailers all in one place. Regardless I am being left behind for streaming and I can understand that. Unfortunately, like with the switch to DVD, things seem to be left behind. Heck even more so since DVD didn’t get everything on VHS. This is especially true for things like TV shows. With DVD tons of shows from the past were released and were marathoned and Netflix Instant made this easier. It has not only brought attention to shows that deserved it but it even brought shows like Arrested Development back for a new season. Still there are some big omissions that deserve to be up there. Sadly there are a lot of shows up there that the world is missing out on. Some of these are on HBO Go but not all of them are. These are the ones I’d love to see up there.

5- Degrassi: The Next Generation
For the record I’m not talking about the old Degrassi from the 80’s. That is on Hulu Plus and I don’t care about that one. No I’m talking about the show that came out in 2001 that made tweens realize Canada was a thing. What I love about the show is how absolutely insane it is. The first two episodes are about a teacher that makes child pornography. What in the hell??? It proceeds to get crazier with the topics like cutting, abortion, and a school shooting where a pre-Young Money Drake getting shot in a school shooting in and takes an awkwardly hilarious fall. Yeah, that hilarious fall is probably why I want torewatch teh show.

4- The Adventures of Pete & Pete
I hate to break it to you but the majority of the shows we liked as kids does not hold up. Doug is insanely boring, Adam Sandler’s shtick is boring after 5 minutes and Forrest Gump didn’t deserve Best Picture (suck on THAT 1995 Academy Awards). Luckily not everything is disappointing in retrospect; case in point The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Starting as shorts on Nickelodeon the show would run for 3 seasons and be on the most original shows the channel would produce. Following brothers Pete & Pete it was able to capture the weird way children look at the world perfectly; a view almost as weird as the celebrity cameos. LL Cool J, Patty Hearst, Janeane Garofalo, and Chris Elliot are some of the more notable names to appear throughout all three. It was alternative comedy for kids that definitely deserves to be remembered.

3- Horror Anthologies
Like any of them. Unless I’m missing one there isn’t a single one on Netflix Instant. Now I get that Tales From The Crypt isn’t on because it’s an HBO show. But how about Tales From The Darkside? Or Monsters? Heck I’d be cool with Masters of Horror as long as we get Cigarette Burns. The closest we have is the original Twilight Zone. While I adore the Syfy Channel has assured me that I’ve seen every single episode every Thanksgiving. Maybe I just miss puppets making horrible puns.

2- In Living Color
I’m going to blow some minds but there was a time when Jim Carey was funny. No, really. He was not only funny but did more than make wacky faces. Well a bit more than just wacky faces. And this is no better shown than on In Living Color. A sketch comedy show in the early 90’s it not only spawned stars like Jim Carey and Wayans but also pushed boundaries when it came to content. Not only in content but also in creativity. For example Velma Mulholland is a black and white woman from a film noir movie in the modern world. Or how about The Brother Brothers (both named after their Uncle Tom). This is comedy that pushed boundaries in the 90’s and still pushes the envelope today. But ignoring all that should it be up there so future generations can watch The Adventures of Handi Man (from the planet Palsy).

1- The Simpsons
Could there be any other choice? Now if you somehow missed Simpsons-Mania in the 1990s you missed one of the funniest shows in television history. Over 20 years later the shows are still hilarious and just as quotable today. And since day one of Netflix Instant this has been the holy grail of shows to get. I mean the longest running cartoon in history would be obvious get, right? Well it seems that the crew behind the Simpsons or Fox think otherwise because despite rumors of it coming it still has yet to materialize. Shame because I would trade this in for the 37 awful Seth MacFarlene shows any day.


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