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Remakes Don’t Have To Suck: Top 6 Horror Remakes

There seems to be this myth among horror purists that all remakes suck. Something I totally get. For every Maniac we seem to get 5 Prom Nights. Sure there we got The Ring but we also got The Grudge, Dark … Continue reading

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Kinda Sorta Robocop: Android Cop Review

Maybe it is my own fault for not updating enough. Maybe it’s being distracted by other more mainstream movies. Maybe it is something as simple as fear. Whatever it is it is kind of astounding that I haven’t covered a … Continue reading

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My Top 6 Guilty Pleasures

I have awful taste in movies. Like really, really awful taste. That isn’t to say that I don’t like and recognize when movies are good. I’ll gladly watch The Departed or Silver Linings Playbook on a lazy afternoon. But I’ll … Continue reading

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