No Evil Dead Here: 3 Random Reviews

An Evil Dead review was supposed to be here. I would have told you how it redefined the horror remake. How it destroyed the legacy of the original series. Or even how it was just there and I’ve forgotten about it. I can’t though. As it turns out there are people with more time on their hands than me and able to get to screenings before me. No worries I still come bearing gifts. More specifically some reviews of a few other movies. Some flicks to tide you over until I get around to seeing Evil Dead. Lets not waste any time and lets get started.

An anthology movie it is a series of shorts based on the letters of the alphabet based on the subject of death. With 26 directors and $5000 each to do as they please producers Ant Timpson and Tim League produced one of the most ambitious horror movie in years. Unfortunately I don’t think it completely lived up to it’s potential. That isn’t to say it was all bad though. Top horror directors like Marcel Sarmiento, Ben Wheatley and Xavier Gens (amongst others) create some amazing shorts. Unfortunately for every great short you get two or three that range from okay to awful. Luckily the movie is paced in a way where these blunders don’t hurt the film too badly. The ABCs of death really is something that should be seen though. If for no other reason than the sheer scope of what is being done.

Rating- B

A good, if flawed, horror movie. Brittney Snow plays a woman who is taking care of her sick brother. Desperate and low on money she is invited to a dinner party and a game of “Would You Rather” that would change her life. If she survives the night that is.

While fairly basic in it’s premise I think it worked well. While not overly gorey there are a few cringe worthy moments throughout. Jeffrey Combs (of Re-Animator fame) is particularly spectacular as the villain and really carries the film. The rest of the performances are okay but nothing too great. What makes it work though is the ending. As reviewer Remy Carreiro put it, nihilism at it’s finest. I don’t see this becoming a horror classic or anything like that but it is a fun watch regardless.

Rating- B-

There’s a certain void in action movies today. Sure there are useless sequels and the 2 Jason Statham movies a year but one sub genre has been lacking the past few years, the Murica genre. An old school concept where a single person takes on a force of questionable nationality. This is where Olympus Has Fallen comes in.

Starring the Gerard Butler this is basically Die Hard in the White House. Sure there’s a plot concerning nuclear bombs and whatnot but that’s just filler. The real plot is how does Gerard Butler kick ass and I’m happy to say he does it quite well. While I don’t think the action is anything special there is quite a bit of it and it’s particularly brutal for a mainstream movie. Limbless innocents, stabbings, crashing helicopters, all surprisingly brutal for a mainstream action movie. More importantly it is at a pace where it’s frequent but not numbing. I also found Rick Yune to be a great, if cliche, villain. I really hope he gets more roles over here.

I did have two major problems with the movie though. First off was the lighting. While the movie looked good looked go during in the beginning as the time shifted to night it would occasionally be hard to see the movie. Especially when there were quick cuts edited in. My other problem was some god awful CGI in the movie. I realize practical effects are more expensive but you had to make a CGI flag to fall? Really??? It just looks cheap and plasticy. Regardless I think this falls in perfectly line with previous Gerard Butler action movies. It tries to get across a poorly conceived social message, is kind of dumb and is a whole lot of fun. It’s exactly what you want. Just with a bit more Murica.

Rating- C+


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