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UFN 4: Technical Difficulties- UFC 130 Preview

Mixed Martial Arts has a very interesting issue that most sports don’t have. For example, LeBron James can get injured and the Heat will still make a killing at the arena. Zdeno Ch├íra could injure his arm during training and … Continue reading

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Vault of Wonder #2- House of the Dead

*CAUTION- SPOILERS ABOUND* Uwe Boll. He’s self-indulgent, a hack, a con man, a bully, and an awful movie maker. Now before I get called to the table for slander, realize that its hard to argue against these points. I mean … Continue reading

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I Must REALLY Hate Myself- Vampires Suck Review

Caution: I swear in this. A LOT. So if you don’t like that, I really don’t recommend this. Parody isn’t hard. “Avatar? More live AvaTard!” See even I can do it and I’m a schmuck. Now good parody, that’s a … Continue reading

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UFN 3.5: Return of the Dragon Followup

Before Lyoto Machida even entered the cage the Rogers Centre was already abuzz. There was an electricity in the air that hadn’t been felt in a while. As “Lunatic Fringe” began playing over the speakers the 55,000 fans became unglued. … Continue reading

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