UFN 2- Black Sheep: Diaz vs Daley preview

POP QUIZ! Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, Terrell Owens. What do you think of when I say these names?

A) One of the greatest boxers of all time.
B) A future NBA hall of famer
C) One of the best receivers in the NFL today
D) A constant source of controversy

If you chose A through C, CONGRATULATIONS! You officially know more about sports than I do! For most people though, the answer is D. Whether in or outside of the game, their bombastic personalities and bad boy actions have made them household names. This Saturday, the two bad boys of mixed martial arts will facing off in the cage.

In one corner is Nick Diaz. Fighting since 2001, there is no doubt that he’s talented. He’s beaten everyone you could think of. From legends like Frank Shamrock to foreign superstars like Takanori Gomi. Not only were they beaten but they were absolutely dominated. With his skilled boxing and with out of this world jiu jitsu, he is a constant force to be reckoned with.

Despite these accomplishments they will always be overshadowed by one night in April of 2010. When after the main event he started a brawl between the Cesar Gracie camp and Jason “Mayhem” Miller. Four men against one, they attacked the Miller briefly before the debacle was broken up. Despite being fined $7,500, the incident looms over him to this day.

On the other side of the cage is Paul Daley. Over the past few years, the British fighter has risen to the top one knockout at a time. Despite having rudimentary ground skills he has absolute dynamite in his fists. One punch has knocked out numerous veterans of the sport. Despite the potential, he will be remembered most for committing the ultimate faux pas in fighting.

After he was decisively defeated, he approached the equally controversial Josh Koscheck. With vicious intent in his eyes he threw a cheap shot, hitting Koscheck in the face. Referee Dan Miragliotta was quick to get between the two but it was too late. The deed was done and Daley was immediately fired from the UFC. A black mark on his career that can never be removed.

Then again, this is all in the past. At the end of the day, these things don’t matter. No matter the incident, no matter the sin committed, it won’t win the fight. When the cage door closes and the bell rings, the two black sheep of MMA will be standing across from one another. With a chip on their shoulder and something to prove, these two hell raisers will be ready. And god help anybody who gets between them.


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