UFN Issue 0: Obligatory Introduction


If you don’t know, I’m a big fan of mixed martial arts. UFC, PrideFC, Strikeforce, heck I even have some Rumble on the Rock and Gladiator FC DVDs. To me, it’s the ultimate sport. Because really who wants to see guys grab a ball and run around when you can have grown men beating the tar out of each other? Such a genius idea.

My fandom actually started later than some. As opposed to the classic story of “OH EM GEE I SAW FORREST VS BONNAR!!!!!” my introduction was a bit lower key. Before this I was, and still am, a pro wrestling fan. Again, fighting and blood where the goal is to entertain. That’s just fun in a bun. But by 2006/2007 I was disenchanted with the product. The only good stuff was on the indy scene which was $20 a DVD. I would love to support indy wrestling but sweet Moses, I’m just a dumb kid without a lot of money. So like most pro wrestling fans I began to watch UFC.

Since then, I’ve become obsessed with MMA. Buying DVDs, seeing it live, even picking up bootlegs on iOffer. I just fell in love with the sport. It’s a perfect mix of skill, speed, and plain dumb brutality. Since becoming a fan I’ve seen great brawls like Frye vs Takiyama. Technical feats like Mir catching Brock Lesnar out of nowhere. Most importantly, I’ve made
friends and learned how to love again. Well that last part is a lie but whatever.

What’s really most important though, I’ve seen a plethora of fights. Good and bad. That’s where these Ultimate Farce Night articles come into play. I’ve decided why not share love for fighting with you, my friends and people wacky enough to find this through Google. So with these entries I’ll try to express my love for the sport shine through my writing. Either by previewing an upcoming show or just rewatching an old fight. Good or bad. That and I thought Ultimate Farce Night was such a totally lame title that I HAD to use it. So sit back, enjoy, and hopefully future articles will get me a job.

I’d probably have to change the Douchebag Batman name though.


About Douchebag Batman

If you found this blog, I probably know you personally. Basically I'm using this for movie reviews, MMA previews, and the occasional wackiness from out of left field. Shout out to the horror short Welcome to the Party for the hella boss avatar. I'm not very good at selling this, am I? Anyway just check it out. You'll be filled with laughter. From my actual writing or realizing "Wow this guy needs an editor".
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