My Soul Destroyed- My Soul To Take Review

I wanted to like this movie. I really did. I mean it’s Wes Craven. WES CRAVEN!!! The genius behind horror classics like Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream. Heck, he even made awesome b-movies like Deadly Friend and Shocker. I didn’t want a new horror classic. I could have gotten another People Under The Stairs and been completely satisfied with how I spent my time. I was let down in the worst way. Welcome to 2010’s My Soul To Take.

The story is pretty simple. Well, not exactly. I’ll try my best to straighten things out. Sixteen years ago there was a maniac named the Riverton Ripper going on a killing spree. Then one night, he vanished. That same night, Seven children were born and were from then known as the Riverton Seven. We flash forward to the present and the killer is back to take them out one by one. Okay so that was pretty simple. The thing is, there’s a bunch load of random crap thrown in there that really doesn’t serve too much purpose or goes anywhere. I guess that’s the biggest problem throughout. There are some actually cool bits or things that they could have run with. They just get shoved aside for another twist or turn.

At least it's not Amanda Bynes as a teen.... again
Actually, I should stop there. I know I started negatively but there’s actually some good elements. First, and most amazingly, the teens look like teens. No, seriously. They look 16 as opposed to in their 20’s (or 30’s, sup Scream). Not only that but they generally talk like it too. It’s not a 50-year-old trying to understand what young folks (Sup 2011 Oscars) nor is to so insanely hip that it can be unappealing (Sup Diablo Cody). It’s definitely a refreshing change-up from the norm. That’s really about it.

The Ripper. Homeless is the new spooky.
First and foremost on the negatives, the killer. Horror movies can be odd in that they can live or die on how the killer looks. I mean if Jason Voorhees looked like a Twilight kid as opposed to a hulking masked man, I don’t see the Friday the 13th franchise lasting too long. Now look at the above. Yeah, a cool knife I guess. But the dude looks like the crazy cat lady on The Simpsons. No, really.
At least cats would be an original weapon

Secondly, the acting is just awful. Almost enjoyabley awful but awful nevertheless. I mean, look at the token black kid in the first picture. Apparently he has the double “I’m going to die” whammy of being the black kid AND being blind. Here’s the thing, I honestly didn’t know he was blind until a quarter into the movie. No seriously. I thought he was just a normal kid until a quarter of the way through when he had a walking stick. So he was able to get by up until that moment without it? He just became blind? Was he just faking the whole time??? I’m no Robert DeNiro but that can’t possibly be the way it’s supposed to work.

The biggest sin of all though, it has absolutely zero originality. Cursed date, revenge on teens, possession, blah blah blah. I can’t help but think that Wes Craven got drunk one night and wrote the movie after a marathon of his old movies. No seriously. Look as his filmography and see if the things I mentioned above and tell me they don’t sound eerily like a mix of Shocker and Nightmare on Elm Street. Not only is it unoriginal but it feels lazy. Take for example, the fate of the blind kid. He goes on for five minutes on how the killer snuck through the window and killed him yet it isn’t shown at all. He just falls out of a closet, uses his final words to explain what we could have seen and dies. I guess they spent too much money on the vomiting bird costume. And no, that isn’t another bad joke.

Overall, I simply can’t recommend this movie from anyone. It’s terribly lazy, has a lame killer, a horrible script and even worse acting. Every now and then the movie will bring in a cool idea but lets be real. Cars that turn into giant fighting robots is a cool idea and look how that turned out.

Grade- F
With an extra 😦 because it’s a favorite director of mine.


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