Siamese Twins?????? What Was I Thinking???

I feel bad. I had a whole intro and everything already written up. Even a Siamese Twins gag (hence the title). Then I realized the task was just too big. You see, I was going to write two mini articles. Little niblets for you to snack on before you go off being awesome. Then, out of the blue, came inspiration. Could I, yes, I could make these two baby articles into full fledged, New York Times worthy posts!!! Okay it wasn’t that epic but if lying in bed while the easy listening station on my digital cable package is epic than wish granted! Nevertheless I’ve decided that I can finish two articles in a weekend. I can keep you compelled for at least 5 minutes. And I sure as heck can make awful jokes!!!! So without further ado here’s part one of my TWO PART WEEKEND EPIC!!!!

Part 1- My Friends Have Awful Taste
A couple of months ago I was at work with nothing to do. With only a half hour left I decided “hey lets cruise the internet”. As usual I went to my favorite website, Wikipedia. Now reliable or not you can’t deny that you can get lost in the endless sea of pages. That day was no different and I found myself on the “2010 in film” page. I slowly looked over and realized that I had seen a crapload of movies. Well that wasn’t the surprising part. What was surprising though was how many I saw with Joe.

He had been at uni in Flagstaff and had come back this year. With B out of commission due to the baby it was up to us to keep The Tripod alive. And what better way than the time honored Tripod tradition of movie watching? Sure we weren’t wasted when we saw them, well I wasn’t, but it still counts. So with this in mind I decided to make a little list. A grade sheet for all the movies we saw. This past week we did the results and YOU, my loyal 3 readers, get to see the results along with other random observations.

First thing you may notice is that Legion is absolutely the dirt worst movie of the year. The one chance all three of The Tripod got to get together and it was for Legion. Utterly disappointing. If you don’t remember it had Dennis Quaid and angels fighting. Decent enough premise. So was Doomsday. The movie was so bad it’s become a running joke amongst us. Please, for the love of god, don’t see this film. Avoid it like the plague.

Another thing you might notice is that Joe is WAY more lenient on movies than me. I mean, he has 11 ‘A’ grades as opposed to my 7. Well 8 but I’ll get to that. But hey, good for him. He hasn’t become jaded like me towards the movies. Still he gave Faster a C+ which is just unacceptable. Despite the differences though we did agree generally. I mean, not even jaded me could resist the awesomeness of Van Wilder being buried alive.

Of course it didn’t end at good movies. We both agreed that Skyline was an absolutely horrible movie with awful acting that was insanely fun. If you don’t remember it was about above average CGI aliens invading LA and attack Turk from Scrubs and a dude from the Texas Chainsaw remake. The fact that you could make a plethora of Scrubs jokes was enough reason to see it. Well that and the hot tranny from Always Sunny overacting.

As you can see, it’s been a good year for movies overall. Still, not everything was honky dory. There was a sadder side to the movies of 2010. Not bad movies, those are a dime a dozen. No, I’m talking about the movies that were just disappointing. But that’s a tale for another time. Later this weekend to be more specific.


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If you found this blog, I probably know you personally. Basically I'm using this for movie reviews, MMA previews, and the occasional wackiness from out of left field. Shout out to the horror short Welcome to the Party for the hella boss avatar. I'm not very good at selling this, am I? Anyway just check it out. You'll be filled with laughter. From my actual writing or realizing "Wow this guy needs an editor".
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