You Asked For It (or not) The Top 5 Films Of 2010

2010 has been an interesting year in film. We’ve had Titans, Predators, Karate Kids and way too many useless 3D conversions. I’ve heard complaints but I’ve honestly had fun with the crop of movies this year. Since roughly May I was able to go to the movies almost every week with at least SOMETHING peaking my interest. Still, there’s always the cream of the crop. So step aside Roger Ebert. Out of my way Richard Roeper. Phoenix Film Society, let me in dag nabbit!!! Because it’s time for the TOP 5 MOVIES OF THE YEAR!!!!!

#5- Incep Me In (TIE of Inception and Let Me In)

Inception was, without a doubt, the best movie technical wise this past year. I’m sure you should say “Oh but Shrek Ever After had wicked good CGI”. But Inception was able to make this insane, mind f**k of a world seem real. With that said, I honeslty didn’t think it was anything mindblowing acting wise. I mean Joseph Gordon-Levitt was good but it really didn’t pop out to me. Let Me In, however, had two of the best performances of the year from Kodi Smit-McPhee and especially Chloe Moretz. So good that their performances far and away surpassed the original actors in “Let The Right One In”. Let Me In also had the best romance story this year. Twilight vampires??? Pfft, these children had more chemistry and acting ability than about 60 Robert Pattinsons. So basically it was technical wizardry vs acting. Despite these differences though, both will leave you talking and there is rarely a higher compliment. Well, besides this list of course.

#4- Scott Pilgrim vs The World

In 2008 the first words out of my mouth leaving Speed Racer were “It’s like fireworks orgasmed in my eyes”. It was that much of an insane cornocopia of color and sound. Scott Pilgrim was semtex bomb made of nothing but all the stray fluids from a porn set shotgun blasted through your face. It was not only the perfect comic adaption but was, more importantly, insanely fun. It had enough action, romance, and comedy to keep you hooked. Heck, it gave Brandon Routh a gig. What more can you possibly ask for?

#3- The Fighter

The Fighter has been in production since 2003. The long, excruciating wait was worth every second. Based on the life of “Irish” Mickey Ward, the fighter is seemingly an average sports story. Irish man from the streets of Lowell is hell but he works his ways up to his 2000 light welterweight fight against Shea Neary. What keeps this from falling into the same trappings of every other sports movie? The way it’s presented. The boxing scenes were filmed with authentic equipment of the time and choreographed beat by beat based on Mickey’s fights. Add in the fact that Wahlberg refused a stunt double and fought you have the most authentic boxing scenes ever. I’d be a fool to forget the amazing performances from Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams, and especially Christian Bale. These factors put together make the perfect sports film that will be hard to surpass.

#2- Buried

You wake up in a cold, wooden coffin in the ground. No sound but your own breathing and heart beat. The only light being from a lighter. Suddenly, a a phone rings. Asking for help, all you are told is that you have 2 hours to get ransom money or you’ll die. This is the story of Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) in Buried. Using only camera angles and lighting, Rodrigro Cortés creates a nail biting thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Ryan Reynolds also really shines. He puts in a masterful performance that showcases his talents. Finally proving he can do more than Van Wilder. Running the gamut from funny to heart wrenching to terrifying, Cortés’ debut film would make Alfred Hitchcock proud.

#1- 127 Hours

What’s this? Another tale of triumph and isolation??? I know you’re thinking, “How the heck is this different than Buried”??? Easy, James Franco. After seeing Slumdog Millionaire I thought Danny Boyle was a bit overrated. I mean, Sunshine was good and 28 Days Laters was okay but I thought Slumdog was pretty crap. Along comes 127 Hours. It was able to combine Danny Boyle’s beautiful film style with one of the best actors of our generation. Boyle is able to craft a story can not only be gritty and grueling but also inspirational even nauseating. In 2003 we learned the harrowing tale of Aron Rolston. There really couldn’t be a better tribute to the mountain climbing adventurer.


There you have it, the top 5 films of 2010. I hope you found this article some way informative. If nothing else, I hope it convinced you to see these movies. All of these movies really are worth your time. So you at the movies!!!!!!!!*

*I need a better tagline.


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